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True cause of Obesity (& hence Cancer, Diabetes, Heart disease & Hypertension)

 For around 2 decades now Medical researchers have been repeatedly confirming that a powerful link exists between stubborn Obesity & 5 MAJOR DISEASES being:

Breast Cancer, Bowel Cancer, Arthritis, Diabetes type II Diabetes& Heart disease & Hypertension. Unfortunately though, Medical researchers just cannot tell us why!

[More specifically though we are talking about STUBBORN OBESITY! And not just 'cos you raid-the-fridge at 4 in the morning OR you really are a couch potato. Indeed many people come to us as Naturopaths fully active & aware of a good diet yet still suffer stubborn weight concerns. These are the type of folk of which we speak].

However our fearless Naturopathic research now reveals the truth!! You see These 5 major diseases are actually powerful immune related diseases. SO: What then is Obesity? … Immune!!!

Please let me enlarge.

Now there are 3 main characteristic/roles of the immune system:

  1. Addressing Infections or microbiological invaders such as Bacteria &Virues
  2. Allergy is in large part mediated by the immune system.
  3. Autoimmunity (Self/Not self) which very recent medical research says is almost totally governed by your THYMUS gland which lies just above your heart. Indeed some call it 'your higher heart'.

You guessed it. Obesity is NOT Infective OR Allergic, it's actually Autoimmune! Purchase here.

  1. Diabetes type I is officially autoimmune & according to Stanford researchers as of April 2011- Diabetes type II is also a strong candidate for autoimmune status.

  2. Arthritis comprises 3 main forms: OsteoArthritis, Rheumatoid Artritis & Septic Arthritis. Rheumatoid is well established as autoimmune BUT OsteoArthritis & septicArthritis are still being classified although both Allergy & infection are very often implicated here too.

  3. Cancer? Well Doctors are still no closer in classifying the underlying mechanism of Cancer. Historically there are still powerful links with Viral causations here and of course chronic Viral influences are powerfully connected to how your Thymus recognises the viral invader. Although according to our linkages above Cancer is also HIGHLY LIKELY also an autoimmune disorder esp. when your own cells start getting attacked & destroyed by no known foreign invader...Your very own immune system? Absolutely!

  4. Heart disease: Also NOT characterised yet as Autoimmune although in 2011 Lawrence Phillips, assistant professor of medicine, division of Cardiology at NYU Langone Medical Centre, presented specifically on clinical manifestations of heart disease in autoimmune disorders. He said autoimmune diseases associated with chronic inflammation would put patients at higher risk of heart attacks. Disease of the heart, he said, was the leading cause of death “Heart disease accounted for 24.8 per cent of deaths in 2004, essentially unchanged from the prior year,” Phillips said.
    “Many autoimmune diseases can have direct effects on the heart, such as structural heart disease, but also can indirectly increased risk of ischemic heart disease (heart attack),” he explained. Also the director of nuclear cardiology, Phillips agreed that more active research needs to be done for autoimmune disease treatment. He pointed out that there were traditional risk factors that impacted on autoimmune diseases. They include hypertension, tobacco use, diabetes, obesity and lack of physical activity. Several studies, he said, have shown increased risk factors in those patients with chronic inflammatory conditions.

  5. (Hypertension) High Blood pressure- In the April 2011 issue of Hypertension Research, in the Medical Journal 'Nature', Stumpf et al. linked T helper 1-mediated inflammation to essential hypertension. This study adds to the available evidence that the adaptive immune system contributes to hypertension.... [Fancy words which say your Thymus T-cells (hence Viral/autoimmune likelihoods rise) is involved in High blood pressure.]
    Although at this point we suggest only some 65% of folk are due to Antibiotic triggers. The rest are genetically & sloth disposed.

    Further, our research shows that stubborn Hypercholesterolaemia (Cholesterol) is actually an autoimmune reaction via Cholesterols over-production in the liver/GB as a method of creating a protective-coat on blood vessels to protect same from immune-attack.

At last count according to the American Autoimmune Association there are over 150 diseases categorised as either Autoimmune OR as Autoimmune related as revealed here.

How does NATUROPATHIC RESEARCH view this topic?

Firstly we must clarify a FEW tenets of Naturopathic medicine:
1st- The human body exhibits 'reason' in all that it does AND is not just some random collection of chemical reactions.
2nd- Each organ NOT ONLY exhibits it's cellular responses as Doctors tend to see it BUT each organ Also EXHIBITS MENTAL & EMOTIONAL CONNECTIONS too, eg: Kidey function is a FEAR or flight-or-fight response type organ, Liver is responsive & effected by suppressed Anger, frustration or even bitterness, etc. Classically the THYMUS then is connected with a poor self worth, or self esteem. Also it has been connected to those who are accident prone OR who always tend to self sabotage.

So our recent research reveals that there are five main causes (mainly 5) of Autoimmunity (Thymus function factors) being:

  • 3 views of yourself from Childhood as what you have formed as deeply held views of yourself  eg:
    • your right to exist (Be self)
    • your Female Self
    • Your Male self   
  • Three commonly used drugs act as triggers, 2 Dental & some are life style factors which pervert/skew or corrupt the Thymus gland eg: Antibiotics & in women, 'THE PILL'.

    • Antibiotics short-circuit or confuse the thymus gland as to how to react against future invasion by 'bugs' hence Immune Self/Shielded Self confusion/corruption
    • THE PILL interrupts/confuses how you women Reproduce self. After-all an ovum or egg is a partial genetic VERSION OF SELF.
    • Vaccination shots: Corrupts or Confuses the thymus gland esp: Tetanus, Hep A &B, Rubella & Ch.pox.
    • Dental influences: Root canals & the heavy metals in Amalgams- Can trigger Autoimmune but tends to take years or decades
    • Alcohol: Esp; Beers & Spirits
    • Sugar. Once again takes many years of Abuse of these 'dietary' factors.
  • 5. Chronic Parasite Invasion of self. Along with a Hole-in-the-heart, this issue may well be responsible for Schizophrenia & Bipolar type symptoms too. In this sense Schizophrenia may well be an autoimmune overlay of the hole-in-the-heart syndrome as discussed elsewhere on this site.

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How does one interpret all the above?

In terms of the theme of this article then Obesity comprises 3 of the above 5 causes:

  1. Be self:
      IF you were continually told as a child that you're hopeless, useless, you're just taking-up-space, you were an 'accident' or why were you even born? Then major issues of your right-to-exist (Be Self) will take you through the rest of your life.
    Unfortunately you may have had a perfect childhood AND STILL suffer Autoimmunity later in life!! WHY?
    Because the Autoimmune system issues of 'be-self' can be ALSO registered in thymus during your Pre-Birth self. OR In-UTERO-Self. IF YOUR MOTHER HAD A REALLY PROFOUND & difficult pregnancy full of shock, trauma AND poor self worth during her pregnancy of you! FULL-STOP!

Immune/Shielded self (Antibiotics) Once again we recognise the true power of Antibiotics to save life. Yes we further recognise that Antibiotics have saved 10's of millions of lives since world war II. THIS IS IRREFUTABLE! However EVERY SINGLE PHARMACEUTICAL drug on earth has side effects. But your Doctor is only concerned with you walking out of his hospital or surgery vertical.
A very very brave woman in 1994 wrote a great book called 'Poisonous prescriptions' by the name of Dr. Lisa Landymore-Lim of the UK.

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