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Unresolved Shock causes up to 84 percent of Chronic Disease

The ‘Shocking’ cause of 84% of chronic disease: AND what can be done to help resolve it.

Over the past 28 years of Full-time Naturopathic research, as of October 2009, we've come to understand a P-R-O-F-O-U-N-D connection between chronic even unstable physical ill heath, chronic disease, the state of one's mental ill-health AND their particular relationship to TRAUMA... OR specifically -the trauma RESULTING in long-term ill-effect of unresolved SHOCK. Therefore successfully treating stubborn Disease now lies LARGELY in healing unresolved shock in the individual.

Too Easy? Maybe, maybe not!

A. -What about DNA or genetically caused disease?
B. -What about Toxins?
C. -What about Psychologic disease?
D. -What about addiction? Be they Work-aholics, Alc-aholics, Smoke-aholics, Sex-aholics, Food-aholics, Worry-aholics, Drugaholics,

Can all these be put down to unresolved shock too?
Well we are NOT necessarily talking about the medical definition of shock with the Pallor, Rigor, Nausea & vomiting. More especially we are talking about the unresolved effect of UNEXPECTED, often sudden major or strong Life events; ALTHOUGH Nausea & vomiting may well be present in many of these events listed below. Please, let me enlarge...

Unfortunately Shock can manifest from MANY, many varied sources eg:

1. Burns (From whatever source) - Even a very bad case of sunburn can send shock into the cells

2. Physical abuse, trauma & Concussion. Yes folks these are shocks.

3. Electrical shock- Obvious.

4. Anaphylactic shock-(Anaphylaxis): Acute life threatening Allergy- Often seen as 'peanut allergies' in Kids.

5. Severe Blood loss or hemorrhage is shocking to the body & of-course, potentially life threatening.

6. Ill effects of Anaesthesia -often when one comes out of surgery vomiting

7. Surgical trauma either during or after Surgery itself

8. Witnessing a profoundly shocking event first hand. Sometimes even 2nd hand or ‘vicarious shock’ can also do it.

9. Birth trauma, e.g. Blood loss or being born too fast: How ‘bout a -10 minute labor!

10. Pre-Birth trauma or SHOCK- if your mother suffers a major life event during the pregnancy of you

11. Near death experiences

12.The shock of abrupt physical/emotional separation: Say, from family or loved ones.

13. The shock of deep Grief in the loss of a close loved one.

14. Convulsions be the cause febrile, epileptic or otherwise.

15. The shocking terror one feels when ones life is imminently threatened: Say in Gun-violence, Earthquakes, Tsunami & other Natural disasters OR even in illnesses such as eg: When one suffers the terror of not being able to breathe say in severe asthma or other respiratory disease when you don’t know whether your last breath might have just been your last breath.

[NOTE: Re: Points 9 & 10 above; Due to the POWERFUL connection between mother & child, even in Utero, AND the growth and development of the infant/Foetus’ nervous system-We find that the shock rises some 4 fold in the infant.
Esp. If the shock ill-effects remain unresolved thereafter....AND it is these folk whose health will be unstable as they grow into
middle & latter years.
Example: Most commonly in later life -after you’ve suffered subsequent life-shocks symptoms then tend to manifest as intractable Neurologic, Hormonal, Immune disturbances]

Perhaps the greatest aspect of our ‘UNRESOLVED SHOCK’ findings lies in the MAJOR ill-effect of Birth or Pre-Birth Shock stuff. Indeed IF you suffer ANY chronic but STUBBORN health conditions seemingly intractable to most healing modalities then may we suggest the CAUSE may very well be found either in your mother’s pregnancy of you (Pre-birth shock) OR your Birth-shock itself.

ANOTHER, only recently discovered aspect of unresolved Maternal SHOCK lies in the possible subsequent lack of Maternal blood flow to the infant to produce a HOLE-IN-THE-HEART (ASDS) syndrome EVEN in the successfully born & breast fed child. 
We know of 2 causes of the ASDS pattern:

  1. Lack of Breast feeding
  2. Unresolved Maternal Shock, Maternal smoking, Placental Cord problems, etc

Click here to more closely explain this phenomena


  • Becoming pregnant was a ‘SHOCK’ -possibly due to failed contraception or bad timing
  • Threatened Miscarry
  • Pre-eclampsia (Also called 'Toxaemia of pregnancy')
  • Foetal distress
  • Your Mother suffered a deep ‘Loss’/Grief during pregnancy-Sibling/Parent/Child/Business folded/Pet died, etc
  • A child or member of family was jailed OR committed a crime during her pregnancy of you... Plain old strong 'Bad News'.
  • Mother suffered repeated or DEEPLY scarring Verbal or Physical abuse or both during pregnancy
  • Mother suffered severe physical/Mental illness during pregnancy. Eg: Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Physical accident
  • Mother witnessed a ‘SHOCKING’ event during pregnancy deeply influencing her & hence the foetus.
  • Mother suffered a HUGE emotional DISLOCATION during preg. Eg: Forced migration, Forced interstate move, etc
  • You were born a ‘Vanishing twin’... What we mean here is: You began life -after conception- as one of a Twin. BUT during the first trimester, in utero, your twin died (OFTEN WITHOUT your Mother’s Knowlege as often it is symptomless), BUT you were born as usual. A seemingly normal child. HOWEVER you suffered the loss of your TWIN; THUS YOU suffered a Grief/Loss scenario, in-Utero, suffering the resultant SHOCK. Again, we call this: The Vanishing twin syndrome. A clue can often be seen IF there are twins in the family lines. However even here, having no twins in your family can be misleading sometimes.
  • You were significantly born ‘Premature’.
  • You were Born ‘Blue’ (Cord around neck)
  • You were born Jaundiced & was taken away from the mother for treatment.
  • You were born way too hastily & mother was in shock (How ‘bout a 10 minute labor!)
  • Emergency Caesar birth.
  • High forceps delivery.
  • Maternal hemorrhage during Birth.

How does ‘shock’ actually tend to effect one physically?

Broadly it effects 4 main bodily systems with the I & II (THE STRONGEST influenced) and III & IV some months/years later.

I. Nervous system AND the Mind II. GUT or digestive system III. Hormonal system IV. Immune systems.

Because the gut is A major prime target for shock ill-effects, food uptake tends to ‘freeze’ from the day the shock was registered with up to 1/7th of food NOT being absorbed properly often resulting in existing in a state of ‘semi-starvation’.

THIS CRITICAL OBSERVATION nowexplains why Macro-Mineral deficiencies, a Trace element deficiency, Vitamin D AND two dietary protein deficiencies can remain with one for the rest of ones life EVEN WITH THE very BEST of DIETS!

So, WHAT are the best source of these nutrients for my body’s needs to help aid in healing?

Our Naturopathic research has shown that almost EVERY:

• MacroMinerals such as Calcium & Magnesium TEND to be the major mineral deficits

• THE best & cheapest source of Vitamin D is the Sun. Ideally Strive for 20 mins per day. Of course most cannot do this therefore the NEXT best source for us Westerners is your standard & cheap Cod liver oil capsules (from your supermarket is OK)- try 2 caps 1x daily [OR fresh raw milk, if you can get it at ½ cup daily for adults].

• As to protein: We have found that just 2 essential amino acids being Methionine & Lysine are incompletely absorbed  because of unresolved shock abiding in the gut. Further we once thought that just any old complete amino acid food source would PROBABLY do the job & suggested whey powder... Boy were we wrong!

We soon found that even though this Whey is great as a general protein source IT-IS-NOWHERE-NEAR what the body requires to present to it THE VERY IDEAL sources to complete the protein uptake need related to unresolved shock.

We were wrong also Esp. For those over 35 yo. Why? Because once one gets into their middle years, these protein deficits will create their very own set of symptoms. THUS in middle years these food 4 food sources listed below, WILL BECOME of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE as a great adjunct to the healing effect than just using the Activated Milk Protein capsules alone.

So we went looking & found ONLY 4 particular food sources were good enough to supply ALL the gut & heart needs to re-build same: AND the body’s needs here are VERY specific being recommended for at least a few months use mostly:

Peanuts. Lightly salted & roasted is OK. Peanut butter OK too. If allergic, Macadamia nuts provide OK substitute-8/day.

Brazil Nuts. Up to 6 daily (Very important) NOTE: A selenium based enzyme is limited after ill-effects of shock therefore thew Brazil nut supplies this excellently.

Coconut. Try up to 2/3 - 1 glass of coconut milk (Tinned OK). OR try 30g of Coconut ‘meat’ daily

Camembert cheese. (Strange? Not really! It’s almost 20% protein. BUT again, it’s NOT just the proteins alone that does the job (it’s-the-source-of-the-protein RESONANT with the ill-effects of shock first). 1/4 small round of cheese per day- About 35gram per day or 1- 1½ ounces. [‘Brie’ cheese OK but a poor substitute.]

So how do you know if you suffer from this sort of ‘Shock’ issue described above?

Given the deficiencies described above: What are likely Dis-ease patterns to look for? (Just check 2 or more from list below.)

1. You began to gray early in life OR had a full head of gray hair at 40.

2. You suffer unexplained or stubborn GUT/Bowel problems. Why? It's no accident that nausea & vomiting are some of the first signs of shock anyway.So, the GUT & shock ARE intimately related.

3. Chronic Sinusitis, Hay fever, Nasal discharges, Nasal Catarrh OR Tonsilitis/Adenoiditis/SNORERS manifest as well.

4. Your dreams are full of weird images & processes OR Somnambulism, Sleep talker, Disturbed fitful Sleep.

5. Your sleep is VERY unsatisfying or you suffer Insomnia or chronically broken sleep

6. You are easily 'swayed' or OVER influenced by others hence when in bad company, prone to addictions or become ‘-aholics’:Work-aholics, Smoke-aholics, Worry-Aholics, Drug-aholics, food-aholics, etc. 

7. You suffer chronic addictions OR even you may even be addicted to addiction.

8. You can say; ”You know, I have just never-been-the-same-since eg: My dog died, my wife left me, my Son died, my house burnt down, that car accident, my business folded, etc”

9. Your health is unstable & you ‘always seem’ to be at the Doctors 

10. You’ve suffered all types of STRUCTURAL Calcium assimilation problems such Arthritis(esp. of back or lower limbs), Back pain, Spinal Disc problems, Dental issues [inc. SENSITIVE teeth], Kidney/Gall stones, Spasms/Cramps.

11. Your teeth ‘rotted’ early in life & you needed dentures relatively early in adulthood even WITHOUT being a ‘sweet tooth’.

12. You have a strong-REAL 'sweet tooth'.

13. You crave Dairy a lot.

14. You suffer chronic fatigue Syndrome or fibromyalgia. Probably THE MOST ‘classic’ signs of pre-birth shock!!

15. A sickly childhood OR chronic Lung conditions -Interestingly, high Calcium supplements also strengthens lungs a lot.

16. You suffer seemingly intractable Weight/Obesity issues

17. You suffer crippling anxieties/depressions

18. You suffer stubborn menopause or Other stubborn hormonal issues.

19. Unexplained or difficult Fertility issues

20. You suffer Dementia’s OR ‘its in your family’ or After-effects of Brain injuries

21. You suffer chronic yeast infections or stubborn Candida effects: This is ALSO a classic sign of pre-birth shock issues.

22. Even Post trauma(PTSD)/War syndromes -Service personnel often suffer this after their return from War...Used to be called 'shell-shock' by the old veterans.

23. You suffer strong pain; Chronic unrelenting specific or even ‘non-specific’ pain

24. Unexplained severe Neurologic disease eg: Epilepsy, M.S., Motor Neuron Disease, etc

So, HOW do I help resolve this ‘Shock’ issue by myself?

By daily partaking in ANY of the following:

  • Yoga -esp. Sivananda Yoga.
  • Tai Chi
  • Meditation. Classic Buddhist or Indian Meditation traditions often taught in Yoga.
  • Fast unrelentingly for 3 weeks on water or juices...But you absolutely MUST know what you're doing!!!
  • Infant massage. Daily massage, esp. from the mother for some 6-9 months of age.

Of these 5 modes of self healing probably meditation & Yoga is most powerful for adults, BUT it may take a few years of dedicated practice to help resolve these conflicts. Thus if you meditate more power to you- But we suggest ANY of these modes can help heal this issue when applied routinely over time. HOWEVER if your need is more imminent help then may we suggest our Activated Bovine Milk Protein capsules below.

OF course- over some decades now- meditation has been proven to help improve the following:

* Decrease Stress / Anxiety

* Cure Phobias & Obsessive Thoughts

* Rejuvenate Your Confidence

* Relieve Feelings Of Depression

* Improve Concentration & Focus

* Increase Motivation

* Heal Addictive Traits

* Experience Improved Relationships

* Solve Many Sleep Problems

* Help People Who Suffer Panic Attacks

****NOW YOU KNOW WHY Meditation helps! For when practiced regularly it actively eases these deficits in the nervous system.****

FURTHER, the human body resolves shock in 2 ways:

* 'Weeping' it out OR* 'Sleeping' it out.

Fortunately we have developed our Bovine Milk Proteins to resolve ALL these issues in both Males AND Females, in a multi-purpose single pak remedy for all issues of unresolved shock be they physical, mental or emotional shock in our UNIQUE activated form of Milk Protein/Tridosha Oil pak.

Thus when you meditate regularly AND/or use our Anti-shock remedy you WILL sleep deeper, more profound & remember: The deeper you sleep, the deeper you heal.

So yes, by all means, continue on your self-improvement-path. In fact we applaud this sort of action on self help. BUT if your health lies unstable in-any-way,-or stubborn to respond fully- then utilize our Life force clearing Pack first for up to 6-8 weeks THEN look towards the use of the Self-improvement tools above for the longterm need OR you may consider our Antiaging-Antifibrosis program.

FINALLY, how ‘bout those 4 points -A,B,C,D- first mentioned above? [viz: DNA/Toxins/Psychologic & Addiction issues]
A. Genetic based diseaseis triggered thru the suffering of Trauma or Major
life events. Resolve the shock, resolve the DNA with our Life force clearing Pack

B. Unresolved Shock 'freezes' the lymph drainage from the gut itself THUS gut/dietary/bowel toxins build. Thus Heal-the-Shock-Release-the-toxins.

C/D: If Shock involves a Loss-of-consciousness-event(LOCE) the brain's Hypothalamus loses control of cells. MAJOR stress issues build.. THEREFORE heal the Hypothalamus Shock, heal the stress: lessen Addiction/Psychologic behaviour.




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