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A Hole in the Heart? Impossible!

Have you literally got a hole in your heart? Rubbish, I hear you say!...How could you have a hole in your heart & NOT know about it?

Well folks it's absoultely true! In fact Medical researchers estimate that up to 25% of the human population at large have this hole (duct) yet Doctors choose to ignore it. With Medicine understanding its only possible significance at all being the very rare possibility of it associated with Strokes because Doctors see the unoxygenated Venous blood mixing with oxygenated blood, across these chambers, whereby any minor venous clots may not be fully dissolved via the lung filters& thus migrate to the Brain ... Please let me enlarge:

Fact- All Humans are born with a hole-in-their-heart. Fullstop.
Fact- It is Normal. Fullstop.
Fact- It is present as a duct or Hole in the wall separating the 2 Filling chambers of the upper heart. Fullstop.
Fact- This duct FULLY allows the Maternal lungs to do the job of Blood Oxygenation for the foetus without the foetus breathing as we know it at all... Full-stop. 
This Hole, Opening or Duct as a non-infant is called a Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) if left unclosed shortly after birth & yes researchers estimate up to 25% of Humanity at-large have one yet by-and-large its significance remains an enigma and thus overlooked or ignored! Except for the Rare possibility of a 'Stroke' to occur (See above) OR it has been mooted as a possible explanation as to just why some Ocean Divers are more prone to Ntrogen Narcosis or even Decompression sickness than others. What is it's Cause? Two Fold:
  1. Our Research STRONGLY suggests the true cause of the remaining PFO is a breast feeding issue.
    Yes folks if you are not breastfed from your very first breath within the first 13 days of life then this Duct will remain as a PFO for the rest of your life.
    Further, unfortunately if you are Bottle fed, even on expressed breast milk, the PFO issue can still tend to remain because the heart-lung 'work' the child does in extracting the breast milk is generally greater than bottle-fed babes, thus the duct will NOT tend to close fully for Bottle-fed babes. 
  2. An added complication- An infant can be still be fully breast-fed though & still suffer a PFO but also sustain a placental Insufficiency (PI) in the womb.
  What is a PI & why can this allow a PFO to occur post-birth?
Doctors tend to describe a PI in cases of low birth weight OR OTHER birth complications due to impaired blood supply from the placenta to the foetus via the mother. The reason for this can be many fold: Placental abnormality, Maternal Smoking, Cord entanglement, Massive unresolved shock/stress the mother suffers during the pregnancy, Maternal Anaemia (Iron deficiency in the mother limits oxygen transfer to the foetus hence is equivalent to an oxygen debt to the growing foetus), etc.   
OUR PFO model has discovered that not only do low birth weights tend to occur (Although many times birth weights are normal with a PFO, depending on the degree of oxygen starvation) BUT in a partially oxygen starved Placental blood supply to the foetus, the normally sized Atrial Duct will enlarge in an effort to improve blood flow circulating around the growing foetus.
Therefore the enlarged atrial duct CANNOT actually close enough even if the Mother has a perfect birth & Breast feeding scenario. Accordingly, the duct began from a much too enlarged base, at birth, thus not allowing the normal infant-lung-heart-suckling-reflexes to fully close off said opening.    
This child to all intents & purposes is fully healthy yet will become prone to Anxieties, Fears, Phobias, Early CHILDHOOD vision issues, migraines, & if pushed stressfully enough in their life, can lead to Psychosis or even Chronic depression & Schizoid patterns too,  etc.   
What's the difference between the bottle & the Breast? Not much except that generally the infant has to 'work'vmuch harder to suckle at the maternal breast than a bottle.
What this does is make the suckled babes lungs work harder to extract the milk AND it is our finding that there is then a vaCUUM reflex which pressurises this Duct to 'suction' it shut during feeding.

Therefore a PFO will remain if an infant fails to draw milk because:
  • it cannot suckle
  • it has a cleft palate
  • The mother has inverted nipples & abandons feeding via the breast
  • the mothers milk delivery fails because of:
    • Sickness
    • No milk let down
    • She finds it repulsive
    • infection or Mastitis
  • Both are seperated at birth due to birth complications AND the mother chooses to express into a bottle. In this case obviously the bottled milk nourishes the child so it grows but the PFO will remain
  • The child is ill & has no strength to feed properly.
  • The child suck reflex is weak due to brain injury at birth 
  • Acute anxiety or stress in the mother inhibits the milk let down reflex.
  • The mothers milk is poor quality therefore on doctors orders the infant is placed on a bottle formula.
  • The baby is premature therefore the mother is not 'ready' to bring in thre milk reflex & therefore has no milk ready.
  • Heavily Premature babes have poorly matured lungs not to be able to suckle heavily anyway. Therefore the PFO will remain much larger thus giving greater problems as the child matures into adulthood. 
What possible symptoms does my Naturopathic research suggest occur as result of this PFO?
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Irregular heart beat
  • Age related heart-valve issues such as Hardening of heart valves
  • Heart Murmurs
  • Non smoking related lung conditions: eg: Cancers/Emphysema(COAD), etc
  • A fear of Heights or other irrational fears or Phobias.
  • Sleep or Night terrors
  • Grinding of Teeth, esp. at night.
  • Somnambulism- Sleep Walking / Sleep Talking
  • Low Birth weight
  • A tense, anxious individual with recurrent head, neck tensions for no known logical reason
  • Poor memory of childhood events
  • Poorly diagnosed Lower back pain (What we call a 'Cardiac Back'}
  • Spinal development aberrations such as Scoliosis or Lordosis
  • Rib cage deformities(eg:Pigeon chest)
  • Rib cage instability needing adjustments
  • A 'pigeon' chest developing during childhood...Pectus Carinatum.
  • A ''dent-in-the-chest' called Pectus Excavatum.
  • Migraines & other chronic headaches. Esp. childhood headaches or Migraines
  • Recurrent unexplained Headaches.
  • Dyslexia or vision related reading problems in children.
  • Non-age related vision issues such as Astigmatism, Childhood glasses, a 'lazy' eye, Cross-eyed, etc.
  • Unresolved or stubborn Menopause
  • Restless legs syndrome esp. in bed- It's a circulation issue from the heart not getting to the lower limbs.
  • Chronic or recurrent Prostate problems
  • Stress related heart function abnormalities. eg: Athletes who develop heart problems
  • Poor circulation even in reasonable weather patterns esp. in Childhood or Adulthood such as Chilblains, etc.
  • A struggle with issues of intimacy in any/all it's forms eg: Sexual relationships, Friend relationships, social relationships even work relationships, etc.
  • A nil or little Libido.
  • An incapacity to recover from a 'BROKEN Heart'.
  • An incapacity to reach sexual climax
  • Restless legs syndrome.
  • A low Self esteem.
  • A lack of Joy in ones life.
  • Wisdom teeth issues (rear molars relate directly the heart & small intestine)
  • Eating Disorders- Bulimia, Anorexia, etc.
  • Depression- In truth Depression is NOT really Depression at all...It's really a lack of JOY!!
  • A lack of capacity to sustain ones own joy.
  • An incapacity to express joy such as A tendency to a dull or sullen outlook on life.
If you can check 4 or more of the above list you may have experienced in your life, then it is highly likely you may have suffered this PFO issue in your infant-hood ...
[A five year old heard me talking about this to his mother when he perked up & said to me: "Is that hole in my mummy's heart where all the Joy-leaks-out?" I said yes, absolutely, but we can fix it!]   
What percentage of the Human population are likely to suffer ill-effects of a PFO?
As you'll read elsewhere on this site- Our estimation of the Human population suffering the ill-effect of shock as underlying their ill-health is 84% or approx. 5/6ths of Humans WITH complications being from Penicillins & Cortisones. As to my estimates on Humans suffering PFO issues- we estimate around 11-12% or 1 in 9 folk. Of course those folk who have suffered BOTH these issues of shock & PFOs then obviously they will have THE most stubborn health concerns over everyone else. Hence between unresolved Shock & PFO issues we now have up to approx 95% of the human population 'covered' as to probable causes of most chronic ill-health pepectives. What do we call this constellation of Symptoms caused by this Hole-in-the-heart Syndrome? Atrial Septum Defect Syndrome or ASDS. What are the mechanisms behind the ASDS issue & all-the-above symptoms? As this area of discovery is only quite new we can only postulate. However we can proffer the following perspectives: 
  • Vision? It has been said that 'ONLY THE HEART sees TRULY'. If this is true then All other perspectives on 'perception' can only be interpretations of this truth.
    Therefore if you are a hole-in-your-heart person, in childhood you are MUCH-more-likely to suffer the indignity of needing glasses than most other children.
    Further, as of Dec 2010, we are in the throes of developing an age-related vision herbal product for those suffering visual issues such as short-or-long sightedness thru your middle years. We will call it the 'Jupiter of Hawthorn'(Crataegus). Hawthorn is a herb famous for treating many age-related heart problems if used as a standard herbal on its own.
  • Palpitations speak for themselves realy. The heart senses a 'weakness' in its capacity to manage the loads placed upon it in physical exertion & will overcompensate in its electrical activation of the heart thus causing an irregular heart beat.
  • Heart Valve hardening is also due to this overcompensation of the heart making valves work harder AND the mixing of both venous AND atrial blood sending minor inflammatory products over many years into the LHS heart chambers especially creating hardening or scarring of tissues.
  • Irrational Fears & Phobias.
    This topic all-on-its-own COULD BE HUGE. Requiring encyclopedic volumes of material.
    However, most of the time, we suggest these type of emotions too are brought up because of this 'hole-in-the-heart' perceived weakness. Again, this PFO 'weakness' will throw up doubt & uncertainty in the individual in the hearts capacity to handle stress. Perceived doubts unfortunately can amplify 'known' doubts about the hearts own understanding of how it may handle 'work' therefore doubts build into fears & if there long enough will feed itself into becoming a Phobia.
    Therefore the doubting mind AMPLIFIES a possibly dubious heart incapacity. 
  • JOY? In truth I doubt if anyone could argue with what is widely known about the heart in its unique capacity to experience & generate joy.
    True Joy is expressed from the heart, NOT THE HEAD or even THE GUT. I'M quite certain few could argue this.
    Perhaps my five year old was right: "Is My Mummys hole in her heart, where all-the-Joy-leaks-out?"
    *So if you've been in a loving relationship AND over years your 'heart-has-died' OR you've really 'lost-that-lovin-Feelin' then perhaps your Joy has 'leaked-out' over all these years becsause your heart has failed to sustain it's own joy.
    *Further, if your heart-is-already-sensitive & an 'oaf' comes along inadvertently 'stomping all over it' AND you lose the joy-of-life then you too are a likely sufferer of this untold condition.
    *Moreover, if your heart-is-sensitive BUT you've witnessed shocking heart-felt events around you, esp. surrounding Children & you suffer ADS too, you may well lose-the-Joy-of-it-all too!! 
    *Finally if early on in your chosen sport you experience true Joy from it & then the sport you've chosen fails-to-give-you-Joy, as it once did, then you too may have this ADS condition. For these folk will likely suffer-the-hard-times-in-their-chosen-Sport with much more difficulty...They may even say they Dont have the Ticker(Heart) for it any more.
    So by using our Hole-in-the-heart, Life force clearing Pack, you may well regain that Joy you once had, and SHINE-on-the-Sporting-Arena-once-more.
  • Depression? If you've read this article thus far, it isnt hard to understand that if you experience the lack-of-Joy(As above) for long enough then It would be VERY easy to define that Depression is not really depresion at all...It's SIMPLY a LACK-OF-JOY OR, a lack of capacity to sustain one's own joy!!!!!
  • Poor ciculation is easy to understand AND this is where the restless legs syndrome symptoms generate.
  • Lower Back Pain? As Naturopaths we continually extoll the virtues of the 'wisdom' of the Human body & OFTEN remark on the body's own Wisdom in how it manages things. And so it is with Cardiac-Backs.
    Cardiac-Backs are actually 'Energetic Blocks' the heart throws into the lower back as pain in an effort to protect it from any real work under Load.
    Try and do any real physical work when your lower back is in Pain?...Almost impossible!
    So, sometimes lower-back pain is mother natures way of saying sure get your back fixed BUT DONT FORGET TO get your HEART checked too!!
  • At this stage we can offer no real reason as to Why hormonal problems in either gender can occur with the hole-in-the-Heart or ADS.

Can we help-heal-your-hole-in-your-heart & most of the psychological stuff which goes with it?  Yes, we can with our Life force Clearing Pack. See here



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