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About Us

Hi there and Welcome, 


Thankyou for visiting my site.

My name is Glen F Rees BSc, N.D. 
I have been a full-time hands on Naturopath in country Victoria, Australia for over 28 years.

As you can probably see, I have a science background BUT have come to find that as wonderful as science may be, it 'falls-down' HEAVILY in areas where machines find it nigh impossible to navigate in MANY MANY critically important areas of life.

eg: Ask your average 'hard-nosed' scientist a very simple question:
Does he love his wife? (Or does she love her partner?).
Assuredly they will say; "Yes, of course I do! What sort of question is that?"

Well then ask them another related question by saying: "Well then, How do you know you love your wife?"

They'll quibble about, squirm a little & then attempt an answer by saying; "Well, I love my wife because shes hot, is great looking, got nice eyes, etc"

Then say; "Well you simply described her physicality... C'mon, How do you actually know you love your wife?"

Then they'll look at you quizzically, perplexed and hopefully summon-up all their honesty & say "I dont really know why. I just do!"

Then I would say to my uncomfortable scientist; "May I put it to you that you actually DONT consciously know why you love your wife. BUT YOU STILL DO, of course you do!"

So, then I would say: "Can you catch your love & put it in A BOTTLE? 
Can you weight it?
Can you smell it?
Can you touch it? 

Your scientist friend would then begrudgingly say; "Of course you cannot!"

Then I would say; "Well, if you cannot measure Love on a machine; Then does it exist?
Again, begrudgingly your Scientist would say: "Of course it does!!"

I then would explain that as great as science may be it falls-down markedly in 'critical' areas which simply drives the great gammut of human existence. Also that sooo powerful are such forces of love & hate that those 'hate' forces can drive one Nation to war against another and Millions & millions of people may die... See World War II with Hitler & his Jewish obesession.


In light of the topic of this website & the subject line broached above  then we can equally say the same as the above in terms of THE FORCE OF LIFE called Chi, KI, Vitality, Prana,  etc.


So, Does the force of life exist?
Absolutely because we've been working with it for soo many years that lately we must do our level best to try and suppress it.

For unless one can plumb all the various causes of 'things' that my block, subvert & or pervert same then raising the force-of-life can only bring short term gain BUT long term instability.

Anyway, Welcome to our site & feel freeto look around.

Warmly, Glen F Rees, BSc, ND.


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