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Ayurvedic Doshas & an Ancient 6000 year mystery Solved-Finally.

Ancient 6000 year old Ayurvedic 'Doshas' Mystery Solved

Not many people are aware that As wonderful as Ayurveda is, it hides a deep, deep, deep, dark secret. A mystery in fact...

Literally, An unsolved mystery here-to-fore unfathomed has finally come-to-light which could easily be called: 'The Mystery of the Triple-Dosha' phenomena.


If you are familiar at all with the wonderful depth & breadth of Ayurvedic medicine you'll know that the CENTRAL-PLANK of this stupendous healing modality is the theory of the Three Doshas.

Simply put, a Dosha describes cellular traits stemming from Ayurveda's 5 elements theory which they suggest underpins ALL of creation being Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth.

Ayurveda then tells us that ALL of Human cellular expression can be 'boiled down' to 3 combinations of these 5 elements called 'the three Dosha theory' (Known as the theory of Tridosha) or more specifically being:

  • Vata Dosha
  • Pitta Dosha
  • Kapha Dosha

With Vata a combination of air and space elements. Pitta is mostly fire with some water.  Kapha is mostly water with some earth elements.

  • Loosely then:
    • Vata equates to the Air element (V)
    • Pitta equates to the Fire element (P)
    • Kapha equates to the Water element (K)

So According to Ayurvedic medicine, the cellular expression of disease is broadly a disturbance in one, two or 3 of these Doshas at any given time.

Also Ayurveda describes what to expect in terms of symptom improvement when a person exhibits either a disturbance of a single dosha, a double dosha OR even a person who presents with all 3 Doshas out of balance at a given time as follows:

  1. If you present with a single dosha out of balance (a single dosha person) , then you will heal easily. [We estimate some 16% of humanity].
  2. If you present with two doshas out of balance (a doubledoshsa person), you WILL heal, BUT it will take time. [We estimate some 81% of humanity]
  3. However IF you present with all three Doshas out of balance simultaneously (a triple Dosha person) then it is VERY, VERY unlikely you will heal at ALL! OR that if you do heal it will take a VERY VERY VERY long time....That is, essentially you are incurable. [We estimate some 3% of Humanity]

Unfortunately Ayurveda does NOT tell us just WHY these folk are INCURABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
OR indeed Ayurveda doesnt even estimate just what percentage of the Human population at large sustain these sorts of patterns in-the-first-place.
All the literature I've seen in Ayurveda may give is vague references to diseases like the Rheumatic Family of illnesses such as Rheumatic Heart disease, Rheumatic fever, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, & fibromyalgia, etc...being some of the most difficult diseases to heal. And Yes these are very stubborn diseases.  
However, WHY are these type of folk -Triple Dosha's?

Who knows BUT much more importantly: Just WHAT IS THE PHYSIOLOGY underpinning this type of symptom expression....Read on!

 So at best these are just clues but surely this MOST ANCIENT MYSTERY M-U-S-T have an answer?

WELL, we have done our due dilligence AND discovered the following:

 Broadly, speaking we had to broach 4 different disciplines of healing to fully explain this triple Dosha Phenomena.

  1. Ayurveda gave us some clues,
  2. Naturopathic Phiosophy came to our Aid,
  3. Chinese Acupuncture theory  helped give us the energetics of the symptom expression & finally
  4. Medical physiology gave us the cellular mechanism. So here goes...


  1. Ayurveda gave us the hint that the 'Rheumatic diathesis' was likely involved.
  2. Naturopathic Philosophy tells us that Rheumatics is essentially a 'Genetic weakness' often presenting from a Kidney/Liver detoxification failure AND that the Skin is the 3rd Kidney. FURTHER, and this was 'THE REAL KICKER' for me, was that in 28 years of Natural medicine, when a client presented with a very weak RHS Kidney we could always predict that stability for this customer was almost always going to be elusive! Well, NOW WE KNOW JUST WHY!!!
  3. Chinese Medicine clarifies that Rheumatic Illnesses are HUGE Kidney energy issues AND that yes, Kidney energy is the carrier of your Genetic expression as well.
    Further, Chinese medicine expounds that Kidney energy symptoms are NOT ONLY the Rheumatic Family of illnesses, BUT that the Kidneys can also control:
    1. How you handle stress(Adrenal energy).
    2. How your Brain functions & Forms
    3. How your blood functions
    4. How your Blood Forms(Bone marrow)
    5. Blood pressure stability
    6. Fluid balance: Puffiness, bloating, rapid weight gain/loss
    7. Sensitivity to touch hence the Skin
    8. Urinary & Bladder symptoms
    9. Male/Female organs
    10. Male/Female glands (Esp.Prostates, Ovaries)
    11. Hence fertility or infertilify issues
    12. Much of your Genetic expression. etc.
  4. Medical Physiology already recognises a powerful connection between the Kidneys & Bones, esp via Erythropoietin hormone pathways (a hormone elicited from the kidneys) which tells the bone marrow to produce more red blood cells to carry more oxygen around the body.
    ALSO that there are 2 main areas where your genetic material lies within your cells being
    1. The cellular Nucleus
    2. The cellular Mitochondria.

Of course, the bulk of your DNA resides within the Cell Nucleus HOWEVER our Naturopathic research has further elicited that the VAST bulk of this TRIPLE DOSHA issue IS a Mitochondrial DNA expression AND Medical Physiology further teaches us that it is largely your MATERNAL DNA which resides within the mitochondria itself.
NOTE: Mitochondria are where over 80% of  available energy manifests AND that Co-enzymes which drive energy pathways within the Mitochondria are where this TRIPLE DOSHA issue breaks-down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FURTHER, medical physiology tells us that when cells fail to properly OXYGENATE toxins rapidly accumulate within cells which in turn leads to INFLAMMATORY processes occuring.
  • AND what is at the heart of the vast bulk of Rheumatic illness? INFLAMMATION gone beserk.


We can now glean the following:

Triple Dosha folk largely suffer from a Maternal Genetic 'Kidney energy weaknesses' symptoms.

SO, IF YOU'VE TRIED ALL MANNER OF TREATMENTS FOR SYMPTOMS SIMILAR TO  THE FOLLOWING (or are in your family lines, esp. your mother's side)

  1. RHEUMATIC illnesses, eg: Gout, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc
  2. BLOOD PRESSURE (high or low)
  3. Aches/pains in your hips/lower back or kness. (Esp. hips & Knees)
  4. Fluid issues, puffiness, etc
  5. Chronic STRESS/Anxiety RELATED issues
  6. Chronic Anaemia or other blood disorders
  7. Stubborn Ovary or Prostate issues
  8. Oxygen debt diseases such as variouis lung disorders, inveterate snorers, etc.

OR the like, then you too may well be suffering this Triple-Dosha syndrome.

WHAT IS THE ESTIMATED INCIDENCE OF this triple-Dosha phenomena?

Looking back over 28 years of my experience we would estimate aproximately 3% of thre population at large.

Therefore in Australia with some 22 Million people this would amount to some 700, 000 people. suffering INTRACTIBLE or incurable health concerns.

So, a small percentage HOWEVER A huge population of suffering folk.!!!!



As of August 2011 we have built-into our our Infinity bridge creme as part of our Life force clearing pak  this capacity AND ALSO our tridosha Triumph oil to temporarliy balance the doshas AND supply oxygen to the cells.




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