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The disease AUTOIMMUNE.    © Nov. 2011

What is autoimmune disease?

Disease Autoimmune ailments arise from an over active immune response in the body against
substances and tissue often normally present within your body.
Basically, the body really attacks your own unique cells. The defence (IMMUNE) system mistakes some part of the body just like it recognises a virus and attacks it. This can be restricted to certain organs (e.g. in autoimmune thyroiditis Or Hashimotos disease) or involve a particular tissue in a variety of organs (e.g. Goodpasture's disease that might attack the basement membrane in the lung as well as the kidney).
Autoimmune ailments are generally treated with 'immuno-suppression' drugs which decreases the immune response often with drugs such as Cortisones or sometimes even anti-cancer drugs such as Methotrexate, etc.

Strictly, Generally 3 factors classify Autoimmunity:

  1. Direct evidence from transfer of pathogenic antibody or pathogenic T cells. [T cells are Thymus created cells & the thymus sits just on top of the heart]
  2. Indirect evidence based on reproduction of the autoimmune disease in experimental animals.
  3. Circumstantial evidence from clinical clues
    Obviously with this type of definition, as you might imagine, there's speculation as to
    strict definitions of just-what-is-an-autoimmune-disease-in-the-first-place. Indeed of the 154 diseases suspected as being autoimmune,
    only 47 being widely accepted as proven in diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis & Diabetes Type 1, with another 20 seen as strongly suspected. The remaining 87 are seen as 'associated' with autoimmune diseases but remain unproven.

What causes disease autoimmune?

• Officially?
There are many many factors leading to trigger disease autoimmune although
strictly very few have been proven

  1. Family or Personal History of Autoimmune Disease [Genetics]
  2. Gender or Hormonal Status - Ratio [females 3: males 1 in the
    population of autoimmune disease sufferers.]

  3. Bacterial and Viral Infections or Illnesses
  4. Toxic Metal Exposure -An estimated 1/4 of us have some form of
    heavy metal poisoning. Studies have shown that exposure to metals
    such as mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, aluminium, nickel be linked
    to the autoimmune process: Heavy metals induce auto-antibodies,
    which then create autoimmune diseases.

  5. Toxic Chemical Exposure - Toxins such as pesticides, solvents,
    industrial chemicals, even household cleaners and hair dyes have been
    implicated in autoimmune diseases. These toxins are are everywhere,
    and greatly increase the risk of all diseases in general.

  6. Vaccinations/Immunisations- Researchers discover a connection
    between some autoimmune diseases and vaccinations. In the February
    2000 issue of Autoimmunity, ten research articles evaluate the causal
    link between vaccinations and autoimmune disease. Eg: Controversial
    anthrax vaccine has been causally linked to autoimmune disease.

  7. Stress and Trauma - Observation suggests a direct link between a
    major stressful life event and the development of an autoimmune
    disease six to twelve months later. Unmanaged stress is a risk factor
    for the development of all major diseases, including heart disease and
    cancer. I myself noticed that I always got much worse symptom-wise
    during any stressful situations.

  8. Smoking - Smoking increases the risk of several autoimmune
    diseases, primarily because of the chemical 'soup' found in cigarettes.

  9. Nutritional Deficiencies -Poor diet is an important factor in
    autoimmunity because it is very well established poor nutrition
    stymies the immune system.

So due to these 9 factors mentioned above obviously there are MANY likely causes
of Autoimmunity however one of the strongest THEORIES in likely causes of
disease-Autoimmune is the Enviromental-Heriditary-Free-Radical-theory:

"We all have hereditary tendencies towards certain diseases. If a person is exposed to environmental toxins over long periods of time, this creates an enormous amount of
free radicals in the body. These free radicals then alter the body's pH (which must be
kept constant). An altered pH allows viruses, bacteria, candida and other pathogens
to thrive, which then sets the stage for more free radicals. The free radicals damage
the cells, making it impossible for the cells to communicate with each other.
Autoimmunity results when the immune system attacks the damaged cells."

regarding the underlying causative mechanism of Auto-immunity comes from:

Professor Patrick Bouic's Theory on Autoimmunity
Professor Patrick Bouic: Researcher at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa. After conducting double-blind, placebo controlled studies on autoimmunity & states:
"We are born with immune cells that ward off offenders such as fungi, bacteria and parasites. Our immune cells comprised Th-1 and Th-2 cells.
When our Th-1 cells are suppressed and not releasing immune factors, we get sick with cancer, colds, flus and other infectious diseases.
When our Th-2 cells are over-active and secreting too many inflammatory immune factors, we have allergies, autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, and inflammatory conditions such as osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.
The key to healthy immunity is to regulate both sides of the T-cell function."
[Th-1 & Th-2 cells are immune:ONLY produced in the Thymus gland-nowhere else]

My 'Unofficial' Official theory?

Yes folks it's all THYMUS stuff! Please let me explain...

At the absolute C-O-R-E of autoimmunity lies the concept of Self/Not Self.
Even medical researchers define thymus functioning this way and speak in these terms.
Indeed very very recent Medical research (as close as 2010) has discovered & confirmed
that thymus gland activity is totally & solely responsible for this Self/Not Self mechanism.
Unfortunately researchers are mostly only interested here to help design drugs to suppress
thymus activity in stopping the failure of organ transplantation. For you see Organs from
other folk (Not self) are attacked following transplantation & the organ will fail unless you
are given effective 'Anti-Rejection' drugs. So these medicaments are immuno-suppressive
drugs AND indeed many cancer drugs are administered according to these principles too!

Tragically, as usual, Researchers further severely limit this concept to self/not self to apply
to your 'cellular-self' only and little else.
However in Naturopathic terms, as usual, we tend to look at the 'whole person' (Hence the
term Wholistic medicine) including our mental self & emotional self in these matters rather
than just the cellular self alone.
Hence Naturopathically we see the malfunctioning thymus also manifests with the emotional
states stemming from Self hate, self loathing or self sabotage.
However as good as we thought our pre-existing Naturopathic organ/emotion linkages were, even we have became intrigued & indeed educated further too once we more fully appreciated these more finer points.


After much searching & inquiry these last 6 months AND having been down-this-very-same-immune-
road-over 4-years-ago but came to a 'dead-end', we believe we've finally 'nailed-down' the main issues of disease autoimmune AND how it tends to manifest symptomatically as well.

The immune-system has 3 main roles:

  1. To fight invading infective agents
  2. To help fight invading allergens
  3. To manifest autoimmunity - distinguishing self/not self.

Our research now reveals the truth that there are only 3 true causes (only 3) of
Autoimmunity BUT there are a further
2 real triggers to the symptomatic manifestation of
the autoimmune response

What are the 3 causes?

  1. Your Be self or right-to-exist self
  2. Your Female self
  3. Your Male self

What are the 2 triggers?

1. Man-made causes: are legion (non exhaustive)

  • Many Antibiotics
  • The contraceptive PILL
  • Some Vaccinations esp: Rubella, Hep A/B, Ch.pox and Tetanus
  • Excess Alcohol
  • Excess Sugar or Fluoride
  • Chemicals such as Methotrexate, Cortisones(only in repeated doses)
  • there will be: Agro-chemicals, Petro-chemicals, etc, etc probably too many to list in these pages.

2. Parasites

  • Pretty self explanatory really. It is well understood humans tend to have poor defences against parasites anyway thus if we are over-run by same then this tends to severely 'confuse' what is 'self/not self' & the thymus/immune begins attacking almost any tissue. Although we very strongly suspect the Autoimmune diseases of Schizophrenia & OCD are manifestations of this aspect of parasite invasion & can be defeated via our Orange(Taste of Salt) version of the Binary herbs click here.

Further to more fully elucidate this Model, in general terms, we could define the Thymus gland as a sentinel-type organ.
Essentially, it keeps watch 24/7!
Especially as to its role in defining what we would call your personal SOVEREIGN SELF.
Therefore anything which threatens/skews/warps your personal Sovereign self, then threatens/Skews/warps THYMUS functioning.

Another way to explain this whole process of Self/Not self is by analogy to say:

Imagine your heart is a submarine. A submarine which sends out it's 'ping' approximately each second. It's called a heart beat or Pulse.
So the heart's pulse or ping reaches the thymus gland (which anatomically sits Just above the heart) & when it does, ideally, the ping should be reflected back to the heart perfectly via the Thymus which in this instance should act like a perfect 'mirror'.
Unfortunately very very very few Humans have a really polished buckle free, warp free or blemish free Thymic 'mirror'.
Because very very very few of us have a perfect childhood; either antenatal or postnatal!

Why is childhood just soooo C-R-I-T-I-C-A-L here?
As we have itemised above, there are 2 triggers (explained above) which will serve to 'CRACK' our already warped/buckled thymic mirror & thus send our Immune system on the-active-hunt to destroy-the-invader or foreign agent.
In most cases the thymus really has NOTHING to destroy except to help clear some manmade introduced toxins or perhaps parasites. But in terms of true 'not-self' invaders it has little to repel so it goes on the warpath 'mostly' along genetic lines.
Therefore once the mirror actually 'cracks' or breaks, thru man made factors or parasites, genetic factors largely direct the flow of symptoms which may then manifest at some later time.

HOWEVER as the THYMUS acts as our sentinel all-our-life, even during birth or perhaps even during pre-birth events, hence this aspect of Self/Not self comes into play even here.

Bringing it all into perspective.

Elsewhere on this site you'll see we reference the unresolved ill-effects of shock as the cause or trigger of over 84% of chronic disease. We still largely 'stick-with' these figures however, in the past, we referenced mostly the Gut, Genetics & nervous system ill-effects then.

However now, as of Nov2011, we need to broaden these perspectives and indeed throw-a-larger-net to now involve the unresolved shock on the thymus functioning too.
BUT most-of-the-time though, the thymus mainly becomes involved when the SHOCK event/s occurs in Childhood- largely below the age of 8-10 years old!...Please let me enlarge.

IF you had to have Counselling with a Psychologist or even a Psychiatrist almost from your
very first session they will ask you one question:
"Now tell me about your childhood. What was it like?"
Have you EVER wondered just why they 'always' seem to ask you this?

Well, it's pretty simple really.

Medical psychoanalytical research says that over 90% of your view of your-self AND how
you fit into your world around you is formed before the age of 8-10 yrs old.

Let's read that again!

...OVER 90% of your view of your-self AND how you fit into your world around you is
formed before the age of 8-10 yrs old.


Therefore, in terms of your Thymus function and any possible manifestation of Autoimmune
disease we can now strongly suggest the same; that over 90% of thymus(Self) is
also formed/mal-formed in childhood too!!!! WOW!!!

So now let us explain those 3 'causative' factors above of Thymus malfunction of:

  1. Your Be self or right-to-exist self
  2. Your Female self
  3. Your Male self
  1. Your 'BE self' . IF you had a childhood illness or accident which nearly-killed-you,
    literally, then this may well 'crack' the mirror to thus express all manner of immune
    disease of course thru threatening your 'right-to-exist'.
    • If your mother had a threatened miscarry carrying you as a foetus then your 'right-to-exist' or BE self has been threatened making you a real candidate for all manner of autoimmune disease after such as Asthma(Yes folks its Autoimmune although Antibiotics are the real culprit here), recurrent infections EVEN severe allergy issues such as Anaphylaxis may occur too.
    • If you were born premature then this ALSO makes you a candidate for such things as rheumatics & even dementias later in life BUT even childhood Arthritis or Diabetes Type 1 may also manifest depending on DNA influences.
    • Say you were constantly bullied as a young child OR told by a dominant
      parent or sibling you were Useless, hopeless OR that you are a waste of space
      or just wasting oxygen or worthless 'peace-of-crap'. Then self esteem, self
      worth & ultimately your right-to-exist may manifest an autoimmune response
      later possibly even creating CHRONIC Depression (Which also is
      autoimmune (See our Orange label Binary herbs)

  2. Your Female self
    • Say you were interfered with or molested as a young female. Then this makes you a candidate for all manner of female problems such as Endometriosis, Poly-cystic ovary disease, Stubborn Herpes in later life, etc.
    • Say as a female you were born into an all male household of only Brothers with perhaps your mother died not long after you were born leaving just you, your brothers & A father. AN ALL MALE household.
      Commonly this forces you to compete for attention perhaps by becoming a bit-of-a-tom-boy. And you know.... That's life! But still, For no real major medical reason though you get to puberty & begin having 'bad period pain' or irregular menstruation or other.
      IN this case your thymus has registered a warping or twisting of the thymic mirror toward your female-self. Yes for no real fault of your own, your immune system may go to war on your female self.
      BUT, once again, a proper female role model was lacking & how to conduct yourself as-a-female is registered in childhood & your female thymic self is triggered.
      Then as a prepubescent female you are dutifully administered a Rubella shot.

      Heaven forbid you go on the pill early to regulate menstruation (Remember 'the Pill' is an autoimmune trigger) OR to explore your sexuality you may even become sexually active. Your 'mirror' previously just warped, now 'CRACKS' AND whilst you're on hormones is fine, but thru some bad sexual experiences you find yourself on chronic depression treatment.
      However, when looking for your own children later, you go off the pill BUT now you have a great deal of trouble falling pregnant & some time later am diagnosed with Endometriosis...More autoimmunity stuff! Sheessh, when will it stop!!
      It won't: until your female-Thymic-self is cleared of the 'warring'.
      You get to 45 & then the Menopause strikes. It's strong, stubborn & chronic.
      You go for more hormone, antidepressive treatments & learn you now have the dreaded Rheumatoid arthritis you heard Aunty Betty was stricken with and shudder: What have I done to deserve all this???
      Well, your doctor/therapist should have treated you:
    1. For the toxic influence of the pill as a teen
    2. For the Thymic-female-self issues from childhood, 40 years
      ago, AND ALMOST all of this could have been avoided.

    What could Health and Eternity do?

    1. Treat the Rheumatoid toxins with the Red label Binary herbs
      for about 2 -3 courses.
    2. Treat the Tru-Child-Self capsules to finally resolve remaining
      female self issues. Again 2-3 courses should do.

    By-the-way: Strictly speaking Females are way over represented in the Autoimmune
    population. Some 3 females to 1 males.
    Now you may understand just why. The Pill & Rubella vaccination! Although there are other factors too.

  3. Your Male self
    Boys may suffer male self issues too in childhood, for the vice-versa reasons of the above, but mostly thru Antibiotics, sugar & alcohol tends to manifest later as prostate issues later in life.
    HOWEVER IF sexually molested or repeatedly interfered with will also suffer a broad range of autoimmune diseases too even prostate cancer, testicular cancer or bowel or lung etc.
    Perhaps even heart disease may too evolve esp. if it's strong in the family lines.

So now you have an insight into the Autoimmune paradigm.
Chilling isn't it how childhood is just soooooooooooo important in all our lives. NOT just for security & support BUT THE HEALTH OF YOUR VERY OWN (immune/Health) LIFE.


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