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GeoClense :THE Answer to Radiation or EMR ill-effects

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Noxious Energy Tuner and Negative Ion Dynamo for Buildings-A Total Treatment

The Geo-Clense is a Solid State Negative Ion Generator which re-balances any known generation of Positive Ions in the environment.
Positive Ions are known as a noxious, unhealthy energy that is naturally developed when there is electricity passing throughout the electrical circuitry of your home or work. Otherwise known as Electromagnetic Radiation or EMR. The Geo-Clense furthermore harmonises all negative energies released from home appliances connected to the harmonised outlet.

EMR is a key cause of the deterioration of the natural planetary magnetic grids for instance called Ley Lines, Curry grid, Hartman grid, Benker Grid and 400 metre Grids. This creates Geo-pathic Stress BUT is also currently harmonised around the building with the Geo-Clense performing.

Geo-pathic Stress within a building puts the Human body's nervous system under stress which then results in harmful cell growth and a compromised natural immunity. Further, Much needed oxygen levels within a structure are also depleted with these potentially toxic energies.

Our research shows that With the Geo-Clense operating, the strain put on the nervous system by the Positive Ion component of EMR along with other types of malevolent energy are dissipated, and oxygen and photon concentrations are effectively remedied.

Almost within an instant the area can feel lighter and more clear as well as the well-being of the people restored setting up a more healthy and more happy office or home environment.

Using the Geo-Clense Home Harmoniser

To set-off the Geo-Clense merely connect it into any power point plus turn the switch on. The Geo-Clense will use next to no power. It's totally portable from location to location, and has been made to be compact in size.

Geo-Clense is greatly outstanding of performance compared to Himalayan Sodium Lamps and even traditional needle type Neg. Ion Generators in generating Negative Ion fields. In fact, our research suggests Salt Lamps and Negative Ion Generators produce a really small energy balancing Negative Ion field close to 40 cubic metres, at most. About 2 rooms in size. Whereas the GeoClense can clear 'acres' of space.

So the Geo-Clense being a compact size unit is totally portable so bring it along with you whenever you stay in resorts, with pals, or even when abroad, simply turn it on and you really are looking after yourself and everyone surrounding you.

The Geo-Clense has the capacity to harmonise other causes of Positive Ion fields all-around your property for approximately some 200 meters radius - for example- clears ill-effects of:

  • Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from electric powered devices, cabling as well as power lines up to 200metres adjacent to property using the Geo-Clense correctly installed.

  • Subterranean Water Veins.

  • Sewer as well as Gray Water Plumbing.

  • Fluorescent Lighting ill-effects

  • Earth Fault Lines.

  • Micro wave beams and fields from appliances and Cellphones.

  • WI/FI device pollutants.

  • Dissolves subtle impressions from earlier residents psychological distress.

  • Death imprints and paranormal experience.

  • HAARP Beams.

  • Personalized Beams.

  • Radio Frequency fields from Mobile Phone Towers.

  • Almost all causes of artificial heat which normally produce a very sickly Positive Ion resonance of heated and cooled air such as oil, gas and reverse cycle air cooling.

  • Noxious resonance caused by mold as well as fungi which may be present under floor boards or old carpets.

  • Electronic digital TV’s.

  • Effectively Tunes the entire home structure and surrounding landscapes and water in private pools, ponds etc.

New studies have shown how Electronic digital TV’s create an Electromagnetic 'SMOG' Field as much as 200 metres, and perhaps measured to 400 metres in front of the display screen! This means that your home and rooms may be suffering from your neighbours Digital Tv, should their TV be looking at your home.

The resonance through the Digital TV is much more hazardous when compared with regular Electro-magnetic Fields (E.M.F.) from Earth Magnetic Grid Lines, due to these wavelengths being amplified by the digital Tv.

Further, commonly physical symptoms of Fatigue, nausea, head aches and other discomfort related to the side effects of Electromagnetic Radiation are being released through the screens while functioning in Digital TV function: The Geo-Clense Tunes & nullifies this noxious energy.

Testimonials from others

“I have had a Geo-Clense for a while now and I have become acquainted with the improved energy in my house, so I was surprised once the Geo-Clense was just lately unplugged. I could feel the energy drop and i also felt a heaviness - understated but not pleasant. I couldn’t wait to have it plugged in again. I can sense the level of the extra energy through the Geo-Clense outside the house as well as in the street - I am aware where it halts when I start to feel that heaviness once more. Furthermore It’s fascinating that visitors to my residence often comment that my house features a nice ‘feel’ to it, or that it has good energy, and so I know that others are observing the consequences of the Geo-Clense too.”
Jennifer, Theta Healer, Mt Martha

“Since having had my house cleansed with the Geo-Clense set up in the power circuit, I've been getting out of bed feeling awake for the first time in my life (55 years of waking up feeling as exhausted as when I went to bed is a good point of reference for me.
Dr Jess Read





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