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Aging skin? - Our Best Antiageing-Antiwrinkle-Skin-cream for 2010 is now available

-But it's much, much,-much more than a mere antiaging facial treatment cream...

Please let me introduce you to our Masterpiece called:-

'Infinity Bridge' Skin Regeneration Creme is also our Best wrinkle cream in 2010. [Truly a gift-from-the-Gods]

[Ingredients: Activated Aqueous Cream, Xenon, Krypton, Glutamine & traces of an essential Oil  -2 x 108gm contents]

-2 bottles clear most common Skin conditions.  A 6-8 week package.

As of Aug 2011 we have superceded this 'old version' to now be not only useful for sundry skin complaints when used 2x daily for local application (see below) but if used differently becomes an essential part of the Life-force clearing pak for general healing benefit.

We've found the Creme VERY very useful for the following conditions:
Moles 95%, Uneven Tone 95%, Lustre/Psoriasis 92%, Wrinkles/SpiderVeins/Blemishes 92%, Skin Tags 90%, Cellulite 82%, Warts/Eczema/Petechiae/Dermatitis 80%, Varicose Veins 66%, Hair Color 65%, Scarring/Stretchmarks/ScalpRegen 54% when applied to the desired part 2x daily.

36 yo Rebaccah writes'Skin smoother & I feel much more centred'.

Noelle says: "I just couldn't believe it! I've tried all-SORTS-of Skin preparations out-there & N-O-T-H-I-N-G compares to the changes I saw on my face in just O--N--E application! I'm totally sold.

Indeed some really would say that our Skin LITERALLY is our Bridge-to-Infinity! 

Are you ready to experience your very own 'Infinity-Bridge'? Our infinite self; Our perfect self.




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