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Tridosha Triumph Oil

Tridosha Triumph Oil

An organically sourced blend of Olive Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Coconut Oil & essential Oils to temporarily bring all 3 Tridosha elements into balance safely used topically AND internally for all manner of inflammations through improved local oxygenation. Click Here

The ‘triumph’ title references the ability of this oil to balance human cells in terms of their ‘Ayurvedic’ Tridosha balance of the Air/Fire & water element properties of your cells. [Ayurveda is the 6000 year old medicine from India of which the central principles of ‘Tridosha’ & the 3 element makeup of human cells is described.]

As a stand alone product this TT-Oil properties are 3 fold:

  1. A totally natural Anti-inflammatory thru improved local oxygenation .where the oil is applied.
  2. Cellular detoxification thru improved local oxygenation where the oil is applied
  3. Thru balance of the Air/Fire & Water (Tri-dosha) elements of cells we have found an improved temporary assimilation of almost all fat soluble Vitamins AND fatty acids.

The effect of locally applying the oil only provides a few hrs of local Detoxification of cells. HOWEVER when more regularly used for local application at twice daily provides deeper more continued benefit.

A maximum external use of twice daily is preferred AND an internal use of ½ tsp.(2.5ml) once daily is enough.
For most folk a 100ml bottle will provide a up to 3 week usage at twice daily.

Further, many folk report that as one or 2 bottles are used any given subsequent bottle will last longer & longer.

NOTE: We are very grateful to offer this product as Ideally suitable to all folk of either Western OR Eastern extraction. Thankyou.

The following is a list of symptoms useful to substantially relieve in using this Oil:

Ear/Nose/Throat- Sinuses, Gums, Snorers (Even those with sleep apnoea by gargling first for 20 seconds before swallowing), Upper respiratory infections, Mouth ulcers, Adenoids, Asthmatics, Tonsils, etc, PLEASE Gargle 2.5ml for 20 seconds twice daily (then swallow). Improvement is commonly noted within 1-3 days.

Skin-  Eczema, Psoriasis, Ulcers, Minor burns AND Non-melanoma skin cancers- apply topically twice daily for at least 14-21 days.

Gut-Hiatus Hernias, Indigestion, Gastric or Duodenal Ulcers, Irritable bowel(IBS) disease, Diverticulitis, ingest ½ tsp(2.5ml) twice daily(after am/pm meals) AND rub oil externally over the abdomen twice too.

Bones/Muscle-  Joint pains, Rheumatics, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Arthritis, degenerative backs, hips, knees, etc-Rub in 2x daily for 14 days at least.

Head-Dandruff, Headaches, Migraines, Balding-Males, Rub in 2x daily for at least 21 days. NOTE: Along with this oil, To stem further hair loss in men, we STRONGLY recommend the concurrent use of our anti-shock Activated Binary Wonder herb caps to deal with genetic issues in familial hair loss as well as the autoimmune issues beneath it all.

Why? ‘Cos as male pattern hair loss has strong genetic influences therefore the Oil will help hair follicles to oxygenate  thus buying-time for the follicle AND the Milk protein Caps  will clear genetic dispositions at the same time as regulate the Hypothalamus of the Brain which controls almost all hormonal balance to favorably offer a better more longer term outcome.
NOTE: At this stage the AntiShock Pack will NOT regenerate totally NEW hair, ONLY that which is oxygen starved OR genetically programmed to die-off- viz: Preserve that which you already have.



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