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Objectifying the Life-Force (Click here)

This website attempts to present a health paradigm to all humanity with a view to helping broach longterm chronic health issues, no matter from which culture you may come: Under the auspices of the eternal-force-of-life, from which almost all cultures may variously call; Life force/Vitality(western), Chi(Eastern), Ki(Eastern), Prana(Indian), Pneuma(Greek), Ruah(Jewish), Mana(Hawaiian), etc.
       Further, We distinguish that each species on earth has its very own 'type' of Life force or Chi AND that we humans too possess our very own force-of-life -different also to most other species on earth.
       In appreciation, may we defer to this stunning force in nature. However our Human Chi/Life force findings further denote a minor Chi/Life force distinction between the various Cultures on Earth as follows:
       Our life force findings suggest The physiology of the Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, & Laotian cultures are truly represented by that famous Binary force of Chi called Yin & Yang. We bow to its magnificence. Whereas the physiology of most other cultures of humanity 'beat' to a Trinary force of life the Ayurvedic Indian culture calls the 'Tridosha' elements of life loosely called Air, Fire & Water. INDEED WE STAND-ON-THE-SHOULDERS-OF-AYURVEDIC-MEDICINE to peer deeper into the mysteries of just-what-is-wellness-anyway.
Moreover, may we more fully defer to India's Wonderful Ayurvedic Medicine to more deeply explore these wellness truths, BUT IN WESTERN TERMS. More on our Life force exposition.



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